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Julia received her B.S. degree in Interior Design from Florida State University and has gathered 8 years of experience in Architecture firms in Dallas Texas, Austin Texas and in Germany. Different market sectors that she has been involved in include: Office buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Student Living, Apartments, Residential as well as Senior Living Communities.

Julia strongly believes in the lasting positive effects a space can have on its inhabitants, and the importance of creating spaces that serve both form as well as function. She also enjoys the aspect of creativity that is involved in the profession.

Julia has lived in New Jersey, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania and now Germany. Besides Design, she loves Music and Art and enjoys spending time outdoors in nature, traveling, practicing Yoga and making Jewelry.

  • Jannet Gibson Butzinger

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I've been in my new office now for a couple weeks and though everything is not completely finished it's looking really nice!! : ) I'm so pleased with how my new office looks but even more happy with how it "feels"! The space is very tranquil and feels like an oasis! Because of the outside greenery, the wood cabinetry and immense amount of light I feel as if I'm out in nature as opposed to an indoor office. Being an outdoor kind of girl, this brings me much joy and pleasure and makes me feel very free which is very good for my creativity as well as getting work completed! Although I've always worked best under pressure and deadlines I love coming to work, even on a quiet day and just crossing things off on my list. I couldn't be more thrilled with my new space! Take a look for yourself.......

  • Jannet Gibson Butzinger

The office built-ins are coming together and the vision is turning out even better than I thought! That's always nice when it happens that way. I guess I'll be spending Palm Friday cleaning and moving into the office.

I'm excited about having this tranquil space to work in. The Project cabinet will be the Highlight which still needs the lights but hopefully next week everything will be done.

What do you think?

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