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Moving into Helma-Interior

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

As an Interior architect one always appreciates being surrounded by beautiful interiors! I'm very excited about moving into office space at beautiful Helma-Interior on Brückenkopf 1/2, 69120 Heidelberg. I use the store as a supplier for furniture, fabric and accessories for my clients and it is really going to be nice to have everything in my grasp. The benefit of having my planning office and a store together will also be in the coordination of clients projects and workflow.

I will now have space for the new designer working with me. Julia Ochsenreither will be doing all my CAD drawings on Auto Cad and Sketchup. More about her later! We just need to get the space finished which should happen next week by our ever so talented carpenters that do quite a bit of our clients' work. Please check back to see progress!

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